• Long Term Care

    Long Term Care

    Mandatory Training for Long Term Care Facilities
  • Campus-01

    Loyalist Campus

    To scale replicas of
    real world spaces.
  • Border-02

    Border Simulation

    Customs and Immigration students
    can role play at a replica
    of an actual border crossing.
  • Nurse-02

    Nursing Interview

    Multiple players in the same virtual space.
  • Nursing Interview

    Nursing Interview

    Effective training.
  • NSS-02

    Nursing Safety

    Experience situations that are
    difficult or impractical to
    replicate in the field.
  • NSS-01

    Nursing Simulation

    Any time access to virtual training space.
  • Border-01

    Border Simulation

    Get familiar with space and processes
    before you arrive in the field.
  • Alumni-01

    Alumni Hall

    Participants can come from any where in the world.
  • TAI-01

    Traffic Investigation

    Investigate an accident without smashing any cars.